Community FM 2007: MANCAT, Manchester, 23 - 24th March

Dear Delegates and friends,

This was the third of these events we've put on and it was - by a long chalk - the best of the bunch. Delegates came to Manchester in a spirit of excited enquiry - fuelled as we all are by the mission of making community radio work for our communities - and I get the impression that for most Community FM 2007 hit the mark.

Whether it was the boost to motivation from knowing that a senior politican is on-side, whether it's just being inspired by Zane or that multitude of small practical tips that will make life easier for all of us - whether veteran or new beginner.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most was the atmosphere - as strangers got to know each other and all the pathways that could spring from those meetings. Sometimes I think that we don't need all the slog of putting a programme together - perhaps we just need a hundred community radio people in a room.

If you didn't get a chance at the conference itself, please take a couple of minutes to complete the online feedback form - it'lll help us make the next Community FM even better !

So let me end by once again expressing my thanks to you for giving up your time to come to Community FM 2007 and repeat the plea to keep our conference community going on the Community Radio Toolkit site.

Best wishes, good luck, and stay in touch.

Phil Korbel
Radio Regen